New York Times Magazine: At War

In honor of International Women's Day in March 2019, editor Lauren Katzenberg compiled "40 Stories from Women About Life in the Military." Tenley's story about climbing in a cocaine-submarine was selected for the piece, along with this photo from her time as a military deep-sea diver.  You can read all 40 stories here.

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Living With Animals

The Museum of Us in Balboa Park Living With Animals exhibit opened in March 2017. It explores the different relationships humans have with different animals. Tenley and Elu collaborated with San Diego writers, sound editors, and visual artists on a video booth for the exhibit. If you check out the exhibit, be sure to check out the yellow tent and listen to the stories. 

Exhibit promo for San Diego Museum of Man Living with Animals.

Cascade Hiker Podcast

Tenley was on the Cascade Hiker Podcast episode 076 to talk about invisible disabilities, service dogs, and backpacking with husky-mix Elu. She spoke with the host about food, training, gear, and picking the right trails for you and your dog. You can listen to the interview here.

Elu on the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington, Mt Rainier in the background.


The Incoming project provides multiple platforms for veterans to tell their stories, in their own words. The project is produced by So Say We All, a literary and performing arts organization based in San Diego, California, in collaboration with KPBS in San Diego.

Print  Anthology

Incoming: Veteran Writers on Returning Home, is a print anthology of writing by veterans about the experience of returning home after military service.

Book Cover of Incoming: Veteran Writers on Returning Home.

Lozano, Tenley, “49 Steps to Owning a Service Dog.”  Incoming: Veteran Writers on Returning Home, edited by Justin Hudnall, Julia Dixon Evans, and Rolf Yngve, So Say We All, December 2015, 66-72. (creative nonfiction.)

Buy the Incoming anthology at

Public Radio Series

Incoming Radio is an interview and storytelling radio series that airs on KPBS. In addition to volunteering for So Say We All's storytelling projects, Tenley is featured in episode 5: "What's Lost At Sea" of Incoming Radio. Visit Incoming Radio at KPBS to listen.